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This is not a hyped up sales review, in fact I recommend against Russell Brunson’s latest product launch – Local App Broker.

I had a lot of respect for what Russell Brunson has done, especially since he’s a local guy in my area. I think he’s a brilliant marketer, but his latest product launch is something I have a little experience with. So when I kept getting the marketing emails about the local app broker, I was both intrigued and angered. I feel Russell Brunson has made some hugely exaggerated claims that border completely false.

When I read this from one of his emails –

“Just imagine… sitting in the parking lot, 10 minutes before meeting with a local business owner… you make a quick app mockup, walk in with the demo, and 5 minutes later walk out with a $2,500 check.

That’s actually happening right now, to others just like you.”

I couldn’t believe he would actually put that in print, and unless he actually has “others like me” that have made an app demo outside a client’s office, showed them the demo and walked out with a $2,500 check … I don’t know … wouldn’t that be fraud? As for me, I don’t believe it!

I know for a fact it is nearly impossible to create an app in 10 minutes sitting outside a client’s office. For one, the sheer speed of the BiznessApps platform will kill that 10 minute claim. The software they (Russell and Damien) use is the BiznessApps backend, and it is often slow even on a fast broadband connection, let alone a wireless connection (unless you happen to sneak onto an open network when you’re in the parking lot).

I had to see if they were using the same system I had been using – Bizness Apps – so I signed up for their $1 trial offer. Sure enough, the GoMobile Solutions subscription program is using the white label system from Bizness Apps. Nothing against doing that, but when you make claims like the quote above, you better have the balls to back up your claims. Sorry to say, but Russell Brunson and Damien Zamora haven’t provided anything to back up their claims. My respect and admiration for Russell Brunson is completely gone after this latest series of emails.

Russell Brunson has also claimed the software that Damien Zamora has is unique and there’s nothing on the market like it. All the while leading us to believe the software has been created by Damien and his team, since he’s spent the last year working on it. That is completely false, the software being used is licensed from BiznessApps (I can prove it too)

I have no problem with marketers making money off reselling other products or services, but I’m just blown away with the claims that are being made by Russell Brunson and Damien Zamora. I went through their entire system but didn’t find anything compelling to justify the cost of their program to recommend it to anyone. I would save your money and go directly to BiznessApps.

Oh … and proof they’re using BiznessApps … I asked their support team for actual examples of apps that have been approved in the Apple App store to see if Russell Brunson and Damien Zamora have ACTUALLY done what they are teaching others. Not a chance, all I was given were app demo codes to view the demos. After some research I found several of the apps in the actual app store, but they were created by people who have purchased the GoMobile Solutions system. So it appears these guys are teaching, and training people on theories, instead of REAL in the trenches experience. If you take any of the app codes I list below, plug them into the default BiznessApps previewer you will see the demos. If Damien’s system was unique, and something no one else had (as they’re claiming) … then how can their demos display in BiznessApps preview app?

Simple … it’s not their system … they’re reselling a system that has been created by BiznessApps.

In order to view the demo’s you need one of the app previewers. Either the website (white label) no BiznessApps branding, or the BizApps preview app for Apple or Android.

Apple App Previewer
Android App Previewer
Web Previewer (un-branded)

Here are a few app codes:


What do you get with the Local App Broker system for $97/mo?

You get tons of videos that will go through all the basics of creating apps, and lead generation techniques. You get a leads generating software app. You get videos on selling (which I have read you can get directly from the author on his website for $199)

You get ONE app code which allows you to create ONLY ONE demo app. Once the app has been sold and is in the app store you can get another code to create a demo. Or … if you want to do more than one app, you can always purchase more at $97 each (something BiznessApps allows unlimited for free)

You get access to Damien’s design team for $300 per app (BiznessApps charges $100) and to be frank, I don’t see any killer designs. Maybe they can really create apps in 10 minute, because the quality shows.

You also get access to several up-sells – some people need them and can save some time with them- for me, I can design and build websites so they didn’t have anything that was better than BiznessApps, or worth the price of.

Bottom line … the sales and marketing of this system is a classic example WHY the internet marketing field gets such a bad rap. Save your money and go directly with the BiznessApps white label system. You can go direct for $300/mo which includes hosting for your first 10 apps, each app after that is charged $30/mo. An expense you can pass on to the end client.

Then … head over to our Facebook group for Local App Marketers … it’s a closed group, but free to join. There you will find helpful people offering tips, strategies and collaboration on local app marketing.

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