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This has got to be the best implementation of web 2.0 and social media since MTV showed music videos. Oh wait, that was WAY before web 2.0, but you get the idea right!?

I was looking at the new FaceBook Connect – after listening to Leo Leporte and Amber McArthur – trying to figure out the best way to integrate FaceBook Connect with my blog. After some trial and error, I remembered Leo had been using Disqus for quite some time now. As I kick myself for not signing up with Disqus before now, I came to realize how simplified Disqus makes posting comments to blogs. Better yet, all your comments and your freinds comments are all tracked in one location – your Disqus profile page.

I’ve seen sites like TechCrunch using FaceBook connect, and that was what I originally was after when looking to integrate FaceBook into the comments. I have found I prefer the Disqus implementation much better.

To get a good comparison, take a look at the two examples I have below … and when you’re at Leo’s page hover your mouse over the avatars to see what a powerful tool Disqus can be.

TechCrunch comment page (Facebook Connect option)

Leo Leporte’s commnet page (using Disqus & FaceBook Connect)

One thing I have noticed after implementing Disqus is all my previous comments have disappeared. I’m sure it’s due to the theme I am using, but still annoying.

Enjoy … Scott

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