Welcome to BlogSprockit

I thought it was about time to create a separate blog outside of my main website “The Powerseller Report“. Doing this will allow me to speak my mind and not worry about being proper and watchful of what I say.

That doesn’t mean I going to be OUT of control, I just never felt like I had the freedom wo speak my mind with TPRweb.com, I have paid members which count on a certain style and often times I felt restricted in how I could write.

This also gives me a shot at writing on any subject, it doesn’t have to always be about eBay and online auctions, although much of what I write about will still include theses areas as they are my online passions.

So please visit often and . . . Enjoy

. . . Scott

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This is my personal blog where I write about anything and everything that peaks my interest. Enjoy ... Scott Prock